Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I choose NIQAB?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh... peace and blessings of Allah to all of you. 

Happy eid mubarak that will come soon...hopefully we will be met again with the next ramadhan... biiznillah...

For this entry.. I try to answer  the question raised by people around me about the changes that happened to myself by choosing to wear the niqab (veil).

Honestly, at first I was nervous to wear it in the public because none of my family members and even my close friends at UM wear niqab. days passed by…slowly Allah gave me understanding  and opened my heart to choose and wear the niqab. 

Grateful to Allah...because of my family and friends around me be able to accept this changes.

Why niqab? (a common question when they see me off recently)

There are the reasons why I have decided to put myself on the niqab :

1.  My main belief is that the niqab is a form of sunnah. As my previous post which explained views of mazhab on the niqab. May it approach me to do and keep the other sunnah.

2. I feel more secure... When wear the niqab, people will look strange to you because you are different from others..but actually nothing can be seen by them...Man that see you also would fear to interfere with yourself. However niqab is not an ugly and fearful clothing but  it's a boundary that will protect yourself as a Muslimah.

3.  It helps me to control my attitude and actions with others. My friends advised me : "When you choose to put yourself on niqab or being niqabis you will be an ambassador to other muslimah with your attire, you must show a good akhlak so that people were impressed with the beauty of Islam which preserve the beauty of women with a good morals and akhlak". 

However, I'm an ordinary person that must striving againts from my personal weakness and devils everyday. Pray for my istiqamah on putting myself on it...Allahu musta'an.. =)


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